Practice Areas

Real Estate Litigation

We are experienced in lawsuits and appeals involving property disputes and handle a wide variety of issues related to real estate transactions, laws and contracts, including matters involving easements and property line disputes.  Additionally, we bring actions to quiet title disputes and litigate concerning heirs property, disputed ownership, and mortgage foreclosures.

Chisolm v. Chisolm
Dion v. Ravenel
Brown v. Butler
Plott v. Justin Enterprises


Personal Injury and Negligence

We represent clients in matters ranging from minor collisions to auto accidents with major closed-head injuries.  We are skilled at representing clients who have been wronged by a business owner, a contractor, or an insurance company. Getting justice for our clients is of chief concern and we work diligently to ensure they get the fair compensation they deserve.

Family Law

We handle cases involving divorce, custody, alimony and division of property. We represent both husbands and wives in these matters.  We understand these matters can be deeply personal and emotional, which is why we will do everything possible to ensure fairness and swift action in family law cases.

Allbritton v. Allbritton
Weil v. Weil
Taylor v. Taylor
Lanier v. Lanier
Holler v. Holler

Probate Court

We open estates and appear before the probate court for both contested and uncontested matters.  We bring actions for heirs, actions against trustees and administrators, and other probate matters.

Dodd v. Berlinsky

Business Law

We handle litigation between businesses and have represented large corporate conglomerates as well as sole proprietorships.   We set up businesses, draft documents and prepare contracts for transactions.

​Bogart v. First Citizens Bank & Trust Co.
Kuznik v. Bees Ferry Associates
​Ophthalmology Associates of Charleston, P.A v. Millin C. Budev
​RM Engineered Products, Inc. v. UOP, Inc., et al.
Whisenant v. James Island Corporation and Piggly Wiggly Wholesale, Inc., Respondents.